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Janne Magnussen

100 years of quarrying

in Quarries By Janne Magnussen

Lundhs is Norway´s leading exporter of natural stone. Our quarring traditions go more than 100 years back and ensures stability, reliability and quality for our customers globally.

Lundhs supply a broad range of top-quality Larvikite. In total we control around 15 quarries, most of them are located in the county of Vestfold, Norway. We also have a quarry on the west coast of Norway, called Sirevåg, and one quarry in the northern part of Norway, Fauske.

We do take our environmental responsibility seriously

  • All our quarries are located near the coast, meaning that the transportation of the blocks for shipping is short.

The quarries are established in accordance with approved governmental regulations and detailed operational plans. We continually work to minimize dust, noise and water pollution. The deposit areas are also developed in such a way that they resemble the natural stone surrounding countryside as natural as possible.

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