Strong business, good friends and happy days in Xiamen!

As usual when you attend one of the main stone fairs in the world, like Xiamen Stone Fair, it is not only to discuss business but equally important that you meet a lot of friends. Lundhs attended the Xiamen Stone Fair for the 5th time as an exhibitor, and every time we leave the fair… Read more


The first impression is important!

It is said that you only get one chance to give a first impression. In some way the same logic goes for the facade of a building. The facade of a building has many purposes. The designer or the architect want it to be unique and get recognition for it’s design and appearance. The property developer… Read more


Combination of materials

Why combine different materials and which combinations are the most suitable? Only your imagination will limit the possibilities you have. Sometimes things fulfill each other, depend on each other or just go together. Yin and Yang! Warm and cold! Black and white! I imagine that sometimes things just fit well together. One reason could be that you want… Read more