Lundhs AS was founded by Thor Lundh in 1962. The company, owned by the Lundh and Treschow family, is Norway’s leading exporter of natural stone.  Most known is the Larvikite, only found in the area surrounding the small city of Larvik in the south of Norway. Lundhs’ main office is located in Larvik, but we also have a office in China, sales agents in Brazil, Vietnam, India and Italy. In total Lundhs employs 135 people, mainly in Norway. In 2014 Lundhs bought 40 % of the shares in Palin Granit, Finland. 


Quarring, Lundhs Granite, Tvedalen


Lundhs’ portfolio consists of six types of Larvikite: Lundhs Blue, Lundhs Emerald, Lundhs Royal, Lundhs Marina, Lundhs Ocean and Lundhs Silver. These materials are from the area around Larvik, and Larvikite is Norway’s national stone. From the western coast of Norway Lundhs quarries an anorthosite, called Lundhs Antique. Another anorthosite we have is Lundhs Aurora from Ukraine. From Finland we have six granite materials, quarried by Palin Granit: Baltic Brown, Baltic Green, Karelia Red, Balmoral Red, Carmen Red, Eagle Red and Aurora. Read more about our materials.


Lundhs materials are exported worldwide, and have been used in many well-known landmarks. Among these are the world’s first seven star hotel, the Burj-Al-Arab in Dubai, the beautiful Jame Asr Hassanil Bolkiah mosque of Brunei and the summer palace of the Sultan of Oman. If you stroll around Manhattan (NYC), you can see Larvikite decorating shop fronts everywhere. In London you will find it everywhere as well, for example at the Harrods and at the Hippodrome (picture right). In Norway Farris Bath represents the use of Lundhs’ materials in a wide range, from facades and flooring to spa areas and counter tops. Read more about our reference projects.