Where can I buy slabs, tiles or other finished products in your material?
Lundhs have specialized in quarrying, so we do not supply slabs.
Please contact one of our customers

Is stone much more expensive than other building materials?
Due to efficient quarrying methods, modern and competitive processing, stone is surprisingly economical compared to engineered stone or ceramics. If quality, durability and maintenance is taken into consideration, natural stone is natural choice.

Can I get a uniform surface with your material for a big surface?
If the requirement is for a big surface, there are some issues which should be taken into consideration. Make sure that there is enough time for the supplier to select the most uniform material in the quarry, have it shipped to the factory, processed and shipped to the building site. Use a professional installer, to make sure all the panels or tiles are installed in the same direction. Some materials are more uniform than others, so please contact us for support.

How can I assure that I get the material I pay for or write in the specification?
It can happen that e.g. there is a project where Lundhs Blue is specified but a material with lower quality/price is supplied. The price difference ends up in the suppliers pocket and not the buyers pocket. If you are in doubt, ask for a sample and send it to us and we can tell you what material it is and if your potential supplier have access to our materials. Contact us

Does your material contain Radon?
A finished product from Lundhs material portfolio does not contain any threat from Radon.

I have a big project of 5,000 m2 where I would like to have Lundhs Blue, what would be the delivery time?
Shipping from our quarry to a destination inside Europe takes 10 days and Asia takes 35 days. Then you have the processing time which could be between 4-8 weeks and then shipping to your building site. The availability of the material should also be taken into consideration. Therefore please consult with us if you have any questions related to this.

Can I visit your quarry to learn more about your material?
You are most welcome to visit our quarries to have a guided tour and see how we operate. Please contact us to find a suitable time.

Is your material durable?
We regard the granites in our portfolio as one the most durable materials in the world. This is supported by the technical properties but also judged from the appearance of some of our reference projects which have had a minimal change in appearance over time. Typical maintenance of a surface with our materials is just cleaning!

Please send us a message¬†or contact us if there are any questions that you didn’t get an answer to above.