Clarion Hotel Ernst

  • Lobby area

    The floor in the lobby of Hotel Ernst is covered by Lundhs Antique. This material is very durable and therefor a good choice for busy areas like lobbies
  • Zero absorbtion

    With almost zero absorption Antique will stand the spills of food and liquids. The material has become a popular choice for bar-tops as well
  • An upscale look

    The polished finish of Lundhs Antique gives an upscale look
  • Many sizes

    The material is very strong, meaning that the tiles can be cut in many different sizes and only 2 cm thick
  • No maintenance

    The material is strong and durable. Almost no maintenance is demanded, and it can stand the daily cleaning with detergents
  • Lundhs Antique

    This material has a unique compound of clear blue/purple crystals on brown background. It´s popular for bar-tops, countertops and tables, and also very suitable for flooring and different kinds of interior decoration.


Kristiansand, Norway




Ole Dolva AS
Ingvar Åvik (Interior)


Xiamen Stone Enterprice, China

During the renovation of the 150 years old hotel, Clarion Hotel Ernst it was decided to use local natural stone from Egersund. This stone, Lundhs Antique, is used in lobby area and in the restaurant.



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