Commercial bathroom

  • Suite bathroom at Farris Bad Hotel

    These bathrooms have a beatuiful view over the Larviksfjord.
  • Different finishes

    Different finishes can be applied to increase friction, which is important for wet rooms.
  • Durable

    Scratch-resistant properties and near-zero absorption makes it impervious to daily cleaning and detergent use.
  • No need for maintenance

    The stone retains its appearance throughout the life of the bathroom.


Larvik, Norway



Farris Bath is a modern looking hotel located in Larvik. When building the hotel there was a strong focus on use of local materials. Another intention was to use different kinds of local granite with different surfaces. At Farris Bath Lundhs Royal & Lundhs Silver, with a polished finish, were used in suites bathrooms, floors and walls. Farris Bath shows Lundhs´ materials used in commercial bathrooms.


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