Devon Tower

  • Weatherability

    The facade of Lundhs Royal shows no signs of wear or tear even if the temperatures in Calgary fluctuates between -40 C to +25 C during the year.
  • Natural

    The Lundhs Royal is easily combined with other elements from nature.
  • Wear and Tear

    With the entrance area being a highly trafficated area and the most used area of the building, it is important to use a material that can handle the wear and tear.
  • Maintenance

    It is a forgiving job to maintain the appearance of the facade and coloumns of polished Lundhs Royal. Just some cleaning on a regular basis, no chemical treatment required.
  • Longevity

    Lundhs materials, such as Royal, has very few limitations to it’s lifetime. Even if the furniture is replaced, the walls do not require to be.


Calgary, Canada




WZMH Architects

Devon Tower was previously named Canterra Tower. It is, despite being completed in 1988, still a very modern up to date looking building.


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