Farris Bad Hotel

  • The facade

    The hotel is cladded with natural stone, glass and wood. The natural stone is Lundhs Silver, with two different finishes: flamed and silk.
  • Pool

    Farris Bad has an amazing spa and pool area. Different finishes can be applied to reduce friction at the poolside, while wet stone retains the same color and pattern as polished stone.
  • Spa area

    With almost zero absorption, Lundhs natural stone is regarded as the safe choice for spa areas.
  • Suite bathroom

    Lundhs Royal and Lundhs Silver with a polished finish were used in the suite bathrooms.
  • Reception

    Lundhs Emerald is used on the front desk. Two different finishes were used: polished and hammered in combination.
  • Bar

    The countertop in the bar is made of Lundhs Antique, with a polished finish. This material is resistant to food and liquid spills.


Larvik, Norway



Farris Bad Spa Hotel is a modern looking hotel located in Larvik, in the end of the Larviksfjord with a beautiful sea view. When building the hotel a strong focus on use of local materials, i.e. granite and beech wood was very important. Another intention was to use different kinds of local granite with different surfaces.


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