Galeries Lafayette, Paris

  • Flagship

    The story of Galeries Lafayette starts in 1895, when Théophile Bader and Alphonse Kahn opened a fashion store at the corner of rue La Fayette and the Chaussée d'Antin, in Paris.Read more
  • Shopfronts

    Lundhs Blue and Lundhs Emerald are cladding Galeries Lafayette`s shopfronts.
  • Mix of granites

    When the façade of Galeries Lafayette was recently renovated, the ground floor was decorated with Lundhs Blue and Lundhs Emerald in addition to a red granite.
  • Popular choice

    Lundhs Blue is a popular choice for shopfronts all over the world.
  • An architectural sight

    The architects Georges Chedanne and his pupil Ferdinand Chanut designed the original store at the Haussmann location, where a glass and steel dome and Art Nouveau staircases were finished in 1912.
  • Fashionable shopping

    The flagship store at Haussmann in Paris offers 7 floors with 3500 brands of women's and men's fashion.

Photo: Morten Rakke


Paris, France


1912 (The mall has since been renovated)


Georges Chedanne and Ferdinand Chanut (Originally)

Galeries Lafayette is one of the world’s most famous and Paris most luxurious department store, established in 1895. The building is most  known for it’s famous domed hall and illuminated façade.

When the facade was recently renovated, the ground floor was decorated with Lundhs Blue  and Lundhs Emerald in addition to Balmoral Red from Palin Granit. Lundhs had no influence or details regarding the selection of these materials, but it is a quality mark for Blue Pearl and Emerald Pearl that these were two out of three materials chosen for decorating the facade of Galeries Lafayette.



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