Modern kitchen

  • Modern Style

    The owner of this spectacular house has combined natural stone from Lundhs with a white interiour, wood and steel
  • Finish

    The kitchen countertops has a polished finish
  • Tailor maid

    If you decide to use natural stone for your kitchen countertops, you can tailor the countertop to perfectly fit your needs
  • Two countertops

    This kitchen has two countertops, both in the material Lundhs Blue
  • Material mix

    This kitchen has a nice combination of natural stone, wood and steel
  • Modern house

    This modern house is located just outside of Oslo, Norway

Photo: Morten Rakke


Oslo, Norway



Private modern kitchen in a funkis house in Oslo. Material from Lundhs have been chosen for countertops in the kitchen (Lundhs Blue), with a polished finish.


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