Outdoor kitchen

  • Strong and durable

    Lundhs Royal is a perfect choice for outdoor counter tops because of its strong and durable qualities.
  • Limited maintenance

    Even outside, in all kind of weather conditions, the material will maintain as new.
  • Polished finish

    Lundhs Royal is popular for outdoor use. This counter top has a polished finish.
  • Upscale look

    Why not choose an exclusive look for your outdoor kitchen?
  • Lundhs Royal

    This material has large crystals and bright blue color. It has many areas of use, particularly suitable for cladding. But also a very popular choice for countertops.


Kragerø, Norway




Svein Lund

Lundhs Royal is a perfect choice of material for outdoor use. This material has been used successfully in cladding and exterior decoration of high rise building. It is also popular as counter tops and monuments. In this outdoor kitchen the Lundhs Royal was selected as a kitchen counter top.


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