Private pool

  • Pool

    Lundhs Blue has been used in the wet areas. MORE ABOUT LUNDHS BLUE
  • A popular choice

    This kind of stone is a very popular choice for wet areas, due to durability and the nice color.
  • Strong

    Lundhs natural stone is not affected by pool chemicals.
  • Different finishes

    Different finishes can be applied to reduce friction at the poolside, while wet stone retains the same color and pattern as polished stone.
  • Fire place and wet areas

    The material is strong and durable:it's suitable for wet areas as well as fire places.
  • A safe choice

    Lundhs Blue has almost zero absorptionMORE ABOUT LUNDHS BLUE






Bagnara, Italy

Lundhs Blue used in a private pool

The pearl effect from Lundhs Blue is highlighted when used in pool and water areas. One advantage of Lundhs natural stone is that the appearance of flamed finish is similar to polished finish in wet condition. It means that you get low friction properties, but the same appearance when using flamed finish in stairs and pool edges.


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