• Summerhouse

    Lundhs Royal is used outside and inside the cabin. It has a sawn finish, but when it´s wet it looks like polished.
  • Outdoor kitchen

    Lundhs Royal is a durable material. In all kind of weather conditions, the material will remain as new.
  • Polished

    The outdoor countertop has a polished finish.
  • Flooring

    The floor is covered by Lundhs Royal, with a sawn finish.
  • Material mix

    Lundhs Royal in combination with wood.
  • Kitchentop

    The kitchentop inside the cabin has a polished finish, also Lundhs Royal.
  • Wet areas

    The sawn finish of Lundhs Royal makes it perfect for use in wet areas, it will not get slippery.
  • Outdoor environement

    It looks nice to combine different materials also outside....

Photo: Morten Rakke


Kragerø, Norway



This summerhouse in Kragerø, Norway, is a great example on how to use natural stone outdoor, for flooring, countertops and in the pool. Lundhs material is also used inside the cabin, for flooring and countertop.


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