The Thief, Oslo

  • The Thief

    This exclusive hotel at Tjuvholmen has invested heavily in the aesthetic and visual expression.
  • Facade

    The facade of the hotel is partly covered with Lundhs Black, and the upper floor is covered with Lundhs Emerald. The combination of natural stone, glass and wood, gives a clean and exclusive look.
  • Larvikite as an outdoor and indoor material

    Larvikite has been used outside as facade and flooring. Inside it has been used on floor in the reception area. This type of natural stone is very solid and suit outdoor cladding and busy areas as for example reception area very well.
  • Welcome!

    Once you get into the The Thief you get an exclusive feeling. Lundhs Emerald with a honed finish has been used on the floor.
  • Bar and restaurant

    In the bar and restaurant you can find Lundhs Emerald on the bar counter. This type of stone is very solid and non-absorbent. It is an excellent choice for bar counters that have to withstand a lot of work and fluid.
  • Exclusive surface

    The bar counter has a honed surface. This surface has become a popular choice for counters, it is not as glossy as the polished finish, but still smooth and without any structure.
  • Outdoor flooring with different surfaces

    This picture is taken outside the hotel and illustrates that the same material can appear very different due to the surface you have chosen. This is Lundhs Black with flamed finish and hammered finish with polishing (in front).

Photo: Jenny Solem Vikra, approved by Tjuvholmen KS


Oslo, Norway




Mellbye Architects
Interior design: Wille VĂ¥ge

The Thief Hotel in Oslo has a spectacular location by the sea at Tjuvholmen. This fashionable hotel was finished in 2013. From the balcony you can enjoy the sea view over the Oslofjord, and the area locate some of the best restaurants in the city. The nearest neighbour is the new famous Astrup Fearnley Museum, designed by Renzo Piano.

Lundhs is proud to tell that our materials, such as Lundhs Black and Lundhs Emerald, has been used for cladding, flooring in the reception area, and at the bar counter in the restaurant.


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