University of Oslo Library

  • A landmark

    The library has become a landmark building in the center of the Oslo University.
  • Columns

    The columns are made of professionally crafted pieces, showing the flexibility and possibilities with Lundhs Emerald.
  • Cladding

    Three walls of the library are covered with Lundhs Emerald panels and details.
  • Durability

    The library which was completeted in 1998, shows no reduction in gloss or colour over a long period.
  • Technical solutions

    Beams and coloumns are made of pieces weighing up to 50 kg each. This requires a compact material such as Lundhs Emerald.
  • Lundhs Emerald

    This material has blue crystals on a dark background. You can find Lundhs Emerald all over the world, used for interior decoration of floors, stairs, desks in hotels, banks, exclusive shopfronts and airports.


Oslo, Norway




LMR Architects


Nerlands Granittindustri, Silseth Stein, Eide sten, Norway. Pisani Brothers, Italy

The idea behind the design, facade and choice of material is for the University of Oslo Library to be a Mecca of learning, resembling the holy Kaaba in Mecca. The library is cladded with Lundhs Emerald.


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