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LUNDHS Ocean – perfect for various projects

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LUNDHS Ocean® is perfect for various projects and we have expanded production of this material so you can rely on the delivery for your future projects.

The history of Lundhs goes back a long time and LUNDHS Ocean® is one of the more recently added materials to the Lundhs portfolio. The quarry was originally opened more than 30 years ago and the annual production during the last 10 years has been between 500-2,500 m³ per year. During 2013 and 2014 Lundhs invested heavily in breaking new ground, opening more areas in the quarry and renewing the quarry license for a long term operation, which ensures that you can rely on deliveries for your various projects.

Now the quarry is rigged for producing quantities up to 10,000 m³ per year. Based upon cost efficiency, homogeneity of the material and low waste percentage due to multiple cutting direction of the blocks, it is probably the most suitable project material of the various Lundhs’ materials. The quarry deliver HQ and Classic coloured material in both 1st and 2nd choice quality from cutter blocks to gangsaw blocks.

LUNDHS Ocean® is water resistant and will keep the unique colour over the years in any climate. See the technical specifications of LUNDHS Ocean®.

Facade of glass and LUNDHS Ocean is looking good togheter at the entrance of the building

The entrance and the façade of the Kangli Financial building is cladded with LUNDHS Ocean.

LUNDHS Ocean® is an excellent project material and one of the more successful projects with this material is the Kangli Financial Building, located on the beach road on the east side of Xiamen Island in China. Shenzhen Kangli Stone Arts and Crafts Co. were the stone supplier for this project.

There is a project of similar size in Shanghai, which is the corporate head office for the Shanghai Oasis Investment Holding Group. Wei Guang and Bu Tian were stone supplier on this project.

The facade of the building shows a combination of LUNDHS Ocean and glass

LUNDHS Ocean on the façade of the Shanghai Oasis Investment Holding Group Building.

For more information about LUNDHS Ocean® and the possibilities to use the materials in your coming projects please contact


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