• Lundhs Ocean

    Lundhs Ocean has a grey-green background and a quite homogenous surface. We recommend it for cladding, tiles and shop fronts

General info

Lundhs Ocean has a grey-green background with small blueish feldspar crystals. This material is also known as Emerald Blue Pearl.  We recommend this material for both interior and exterior use. Lundhs Ocean is suitable for use as cladding, tiles and shop fronts. It is a very homogenous material with uniform colour and crystals.

Technical info

Quarries No Colours Qualities Recommended cutting
28 1st.Choice, 2nd. Choice Illustration shows how recommended cutting direction is indicated by marks (in white) on the blocks. Alternative cutting direction (in black) is not premarked:Marks show recommended cutting of Lundhs Ocean

Areas of use

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Areas of use

Some materials, qualities colours and block sizes are more commonly used for some purposes than others. Download the table for an overview of the general areas of use related to block classification.

Technical data sheets


LUNDHS Ocean is available in many interesting surface finishes


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