Vardåsen & Malerød

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Lundhs Royal is extracted from our two quarries, Vardåsen (11) and Malerød (12). Lundhs Royal has large crystals and bright blue colour. The material is exclusively produced by Lundhs. It has many areas of use, and has successfully been used in cladding and exterior decoration of high rise buildings. Also popular as counter tops or monuments. It has a competitive pricing range, and is accessible to a wide range of users.

Vardåsen quarry

Vardåsen & Malerød quarries

Lundhs Royal polished

Lundhs Royal – Polished

      • Name of the quarry: Vardåsen & Malerød
      • Quarry no: 11 &12
      • Coordinates – 59.072272,9.940346
      • Material: Lundhs Royal
      • Technical info

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