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Janne Magnussen

Why choose natural stone in your kitchen?

in Countertops By Janne Magnussen

There are many reasons worth mentioning for using natural stone as countertops in your kitchen. Want a clue? Strong, durable and an exclusive approach.

The use of natural stone as countertop has been a favorite among people around the world for many decades. The combination of the high resistance and the pure exclusive approach makes it to a popular choice for countertops.  The durability and the high level of resistance to scratches and food spill means that the demand for maintenance is very low.

Lundhs natural stone, Larvikite, is an excellent choice for kitchen worktops:

  • User friendly: food can be prepared directly on it because the stone is naturally hard, heat- and scratch-resistant
  • A healthy alternative: tested and proven radon risk-free and with no added engineered quartz
  • Durable: with almost zero absorption, food spills or detergents cannot damage the material

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