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Larvikite, a monzonite type of stone, was crafted by nature 300 million years ago. It is one of the world’s most exquisite and unique natural stones, only found in the Norwegian mountains surrounding Larvik. In 2008 Larvikite became the official national stone of Norway.

Facts about Larvikite

  • Only found in Larvik, Norway.
  • Igneous rock, monzonite type
  • 300 million years old
  • High density
  • Ultra low absorption
  • Almost 90 % feldspar
  • UV resistant
  • No quartz

Crafted by a volcanic reaction

Larvikite is an igneous rock and was formed by a volcanic reaction deep down in the earth’s crust 300 million years ago. The stone was formed by minerals melting and mixing under extreme heat and pressure in “pockets” (intrusive rock) before slowly cooling down and creating the distinctive look featuring unique feldspar crystals. Larvikite has a high density and is a non-porous stone. It is durable, distinctive and 100% natural.


The complex blend of beautiful feldspar crystals makes each piece of stone completely unique with its own individual fingerprint. Lundhs operates several quarries where all the different Larvikites are quarried. Each stone has its individual name and is a registered trademark worldwide: LUNDHS Blue®, LUNDHS Emerald®, LUNDHS Royal®, LUNDHS Ocean® and LUNDHS Marina®. Our Anorthosite LUNDHS Antique®, extracted on the west coast of Norway, was formed in the same way as the Larvikite and has the same excellent properties.

Kitchen worktop with Lundhs Emerald as backroud, and a florist making beatuiful flower decorations.