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LUNDHS Baltic Brown

Stone type: Granite

Origin: Crafted 300 million years ago in Finland, quarried by Palin Granit

LUNDHS Baltic Brown is a dark brown, coarse-grained granite extracted from three quarries located in the Ylämaa area. It is one of Palin Granit’s all-time classics. LUNDHS Baltic Brown is quarried in very large quantities, making it ideal for large-scale building projects. It is also a popular material for interior decoration, kitchen countertops and tiles.

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Recommended finishes

A high gloss polished surface is created by using diamond abrasives followed by polishing powders. This finish gives the surface brightness and a mirror-like effect that intensifies the stone colour.

A honed surface is achieved by the use of diamond abrasives, but the polishing process stops at an earlier stage compared to the polished surface. The honed surface has a smooth, non-reflective surface - ideal when a more matte look is desired.

A flamed surface is produced by applying a high-temperature flame to the surface of the stone which creates thermal shock and causes the inherent crystals to fracture. This results in a very light, textured surface ideal for external use when low slip resistance and no reflection is a requirement. When exposed to water or liquids, the original colour appears.

A hammered finish is created using a purpose-built high impact device to create an evenly textured non-slip surface, ideal for high traffic outdoor areas. The colour is light, but when exposed to waters or liquids, the original colour appears.

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