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Stone type: Larvikite (Monzonite)

Origin: Crafted 300 million years ago in Larvik, Norway.

LUNDHS Blue® (the original Blue Pearl) is a classic material known for its blue background with lustrous blue and feldspar crystals. An excellent choice for both interior and exterior use.

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Recommended finishes

A high gloss polished surface is created by using diamond abrasives followed by polishing powders. This finish gives the surface brightness and a mirror-like effect that intensifies the stone colour and enhances the lustrous feldspar crystals.

A honed surface is achieved by the use of diamond abrasives, but the polishing process stops at an earlier stage compared to the polished surface. The honed surface has a smooth, non-reflective surface - ideal when a more matte look is desired.

A silk/brushed finish is formed by means of metal brushes that take away the softest particles of the stone. This gives a lightly structured surface with the same gloss as a honed finish and is very smooth to touch. The finish makes the stone appear slightly lighter than a polished surface.

A caress surface (Tenax trademark) is similar to a silk/brushed finish with a slightly structured surface, but the gloss level is close to ta high gloss polished surface.

A flamed surface is produced by applying a high-temperature flame to the surface of the stone which creates thermal shock and causes the inherent crystals to fracture. This results in a very light, textured surface ideal for external use when low slip resistance and no reflection is a requirement. When exposed to water or liquids, the original colour and crystals appears.

A waterjet finish is created by applying a high-pressured jet of water across the surface of the stone. This erodes the surface and opens the pores in the stone, resulting in a rough surface similar to the flamed finish. The waterjet finish enhances the character and colour of the stone and causes less whitening. Ideal when you want a surface with low friction keeping as much as possible of the natural colour of the stone.

A hammered finish is created using a purpose-built high impact device to create an evenly textured non-slip surface, ideal for high traffic outdoor areas. The crystals are almost invisible, and the colour is light, but when exposed to waters or liquids, the original colour and crystals appear.

Technical Data Sheets

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LUNDHS Blue® is durable, distinctive and 100% natural - an excellent choice for demanding interior and exterior surfaces.

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