Lundhs Company information

Lundhs is the largest producer of natural stone in Northern Europe. We extract rough blocks of high quality stones from our own quarries in Norway and export our materials to stone factories around the world. Lundhs’ portfolio consists of Larvikite and Anorthosite. Our head office and most of our quarries are located in Larvik, Norway. Our vision is to be the natural choice and our values are passion, precision and respect.

In close cooperation with selected partners around the world, we promote our products to professionals and end users under the Lundhs Real Stone® brand. All of our stones are registered trademarks.

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CEO Thor-Anders Lundh Håkestad (left), and founder Thor Lundh.

The history of Lundhs

Today, Lundhs is the largest producer of natural stone in Northern Europe. Thor-Anders Lundh Håkestad is the CEO, continuing the proud quarrying traditions with a passion for innovation, quality and precision that started with the founder, Thor Lundh, back in 1962. The company is owned by the Lundh and Treschow families.

The Lundhs story started more than 100 years ago when Alfred Lundh came to Norway from Sweden to run one of the biggest quarrying companies at that time.

In 1962, Alfred’s grandson Thor, decided to start his own quarrying company – Lundhs.

Throughout time, innovation has been essential for Lundhs. The areas of use for natural stone have changed a lot and the ways of extracting have changed completely. Lundhs has always been at the forefront of these changes and will continue to develop production methods and the utilisation of the stone resources for generations to come.

New head office

In 2018, Lundhs moved into a new office building in Larvik. The facade is adorned with LUNDHS Blue® panels in different surface finishes. The office is situated close to the Larvik harbour where the rough blocks of stone are shipped to customers around the world.