Epilogue - by Vera & Kyte

Created in collaboration with Norwegian design duo Vera & Kyte, Epilogue is an exclusive home accessories collection that uses surplus material from Lundhs Real Stone production facilities, breathing a new lease of life into the precious natural stone. Launched at London Design Fair in September.

The exclusive collection is made up of vases and raised trays using the exquisite natural stone combined with tinted glass and warm wood accents. Meticulously crafted down to the finest detail, the beautifully designed pieces carefully pair the hue of the tinted glass with colour-stained oak to accentuate the natural colour variations within each strand of the previous Larvikite and Anorthosite stones. Characterised by both curved and linear silhouettes, each exclusive piece depicts the delicate and unique nature of the stone’s character. Serving as both a statement design accessory and practical home accessory, the Epilogue collection celebrates the beauty of the real stone, giving it a natural place in the contemporary living space.

Vase and tray made of natural stone and wood
Photo: Bent René Synnevåg

“Working with Lundhs towards reducing waste and extending the life of this natural resource was a rewarding starting point for the design and collaboration. Cut off slabs left over from countertop manufacturing are the base material for the Epilogue collection. Using their standard measurements as our building blocks, the slabs are cut to precision and transformed into new decorative objects for the modern home. The exceptional durability of the material leads us to create objects with a formal elegance for everyday use that will age beautifully and last a lifetime.”

Vera & Kyte

Marketing Director at Lundhs, Hege Lundh, comments: “We’re passionate about collaborating with like-minded brands and individuals to create exceptionally beautiful and unique products. Following the successful launch at London Design Fair 2018 of the ‘Essence’ collection designed by with Jenkins & Uhnger, we’re delighted to introduce our latest collaborative project: The Epilogue Collection.”

Made in Scandinavia

The collection is produced in Scandinavia – and will be available at from 19th of September.

Vera & Kyte

Photo: Bent Renè Synnevåg
Written by Janne Magnussen

Last edited November 5, 2019