Skate park in larvikite donated to the local community

This new park is the result of an extreme sports video recorded in Lundhs' quarry in Tvedalen by top skaters, with Larvik's own star Didrik Galasso in the lead role. The ramps and rails used to shoot the video have now been donated to the local community.

The result of collaboration between Red Bull, Lundhs and Steinriket was the construction of eight items of skate park equipment, including ramps and rails and a 10 metre high bank. They are now being donated to Larvik Municipality for the benefit of current and future generations. The new park opened at Furumoa, Larvik, on 27 June.

A spectacular project is created.

The project started when Andreas Møgster, Sports Specialist at Red Bull Norway and from Larvik, wanted to bring together top skaters in his home town. He grew up skating on the town square on larvikite blocks, and the idea of making large-scale skate ramps and rails from larvikite for the best skaters in the world took shape.

Lundhs thought the project was exciting, and wanted to take part. An important element of the project was to offer the items to Larvik Municipality as a donation.

“We thought that it was an extraordinary project, that we of course wanted to be part of. It’s just fantastic that the best skaters in the world would come to Larvik and skate in our quarry. We thought it would be a wonderful opportunity to demonstrate the versatility of larvikite, and we realised that this was also something we could later share with the local population,” says the CEO of Lundhs, Thor-Anders Lundh Håkestad.

From the quarry in Tvedalen

“Skating on larvikite is just great, because it’s extra hard. That makes skating smoother.”

- Didrik Galasso.

There was a lot of work getting the project off the ground, particularly with regard to safety and the practical aspects. The stone blocks were hand-picked by the quarry workers at Lundhs, and a rock wall was cut into a high bank. The blocks were then shaped into ramps and rails at Steinriket, and then installed in the quarry. They have all now been set up in Furumoa.

“This was a job out of the ordinary for us. It was great to meet people living their dream, and who are so good at what they do. We found it incredibly inspiring to see the skaters who were so engaged, and could see totally new uses for our stone!” exclaimed Thomas Moe, Production Manager at Lundhs.

Photos: Gaston Fransisco/ Red Bull

The stone obstacles are handed over to Furumoa skate park
Written by Janne Magnussen

Last edited July 1, 2020