New collaboration aims to boost natural stone for landscaping projects

The stone industry is to get a new, multidisciplinary collaborative project to boost the use of Norwegian natural stone. By-products from Northern Europe's largest block producer, Lundh's in Larvik, will become landscape stone in cooperation with Norway's oldest supplier of natural stone, Beer Sten. Stone blocks from five different quarries will be hand-picked for projects involving the paving of streets, squares and public spaces. 

Aiming at Europe and the rest of the world 

Larvikite is in demand throughout the world, and sales of the Norwegian national stone go mainly to premium production abroad. But only 8% of the total quarried in Larvik is able to meet quality standards for export sales. There are huge quantities of Larvikite that could be used for attractive, high quality landscape stone for the outdoor project market. 

“We see vast potential for Larvikite as a landscape stone in Norway and elsewhere in the world. The feedback received so far is very good, and I hope that we will see lots of outdoor projects in Larvikite in Norway and abroad moving forwards,” says Thor-Anders Lundh Håkestad. 

Photo: Morten Rakke

Sustainability in focus 

Lundh's are continuously looking for new ways of using the byproducts from their quarries. They are currently used for road-building, coastal protection, brick-making and gravel. Even the dust from sawing can be used for soil improvement.

“There is still some way to go before we fulfil our ambition of 100% utilisation of the resources of all our quarries. That’s why there is such huge potential for landscape stone from Beer & Lundh's, and we are delighted to be able to collaborate to realise it,” adds Lundh Håkestad, the CEO of Lundh's AS. 

There is no doubt that this will be a partnership with very high ambitions in terms of quality, environmental documentation and consultancy on sustainable solutions. Beer Sten and Lundh's are both family businesses, with strong traditions of value-based management. Both have strategies already in place for sustainable development, and the time taken from decision to action is short.    

“It’s our responsibility to do what we can to support sustainable development in Norway and the rest of the world. Consumption has to be brought down, and resources utilised better. We want to be the safe choice, and provide expert advice on repurposing, reduced and smarter production with higher quality,” says Monica Sander, CEO of Beer Sten AS. 

CEO Monica Sander, Beer Sten & CEO Thor-Anders Lundh Håkestad, Lundhs. Photo: Mette Randem

Collaboration and production 

Lundh's will be responsible for availability of the raw materials with the right quality and format, while Beer Sten will be responsible for consultancy and sales to the Norwegian and export markets for outdoor stone. Production will be placed where most appropriate. The size of the project, its complexity and sustainability principles will determine where. Beer Sten is already in productive dialogue with several other Norwegian producers regarding production in Norway.   

“The fact that Lundh’s raw materials are now available and quality-assured for the outdoor project market is truly exciting. We mainly produce to order, ensuring the best solution for each project in terms of geological, aesthetic and production quality. We believe that landscape stone from Beer & Lundh's will fill a gap in the market, and mean much wider choices for our customers,” states Sander.

Landscape stone from the Norwegian mountains for the great Norwegian outdoors 

The partnership will profile the diversity and range of uses for larvikite within all sizes of projects to landscape architects, developers and gardeners. A number of products in larvikite are already produced in Larvik, but demand is increasing.    

“Larvikite is Norway’s national stone, and ought to be the first choice for Norwegian landscape architects and developers in many instances. Our partnership with Beer Sten means that we can now offer a unique package of Norwegian stone, consultancy and follow-up services on the Norwegian market,” states Lundh’s Sales Director, Jørn Østby.  

View portfolio on the materials here

Photo: Morten Rakke
Written by Janne Magnussen

Last edited September 30, 2021