Lundhs celebrates community and sustainability at Milan Design Week

Lundhs is delighted to announce its participation in the JOIN by Norwegian Presence exhibition this April during Milan Design Week.

JOIN brings together a variety of industries to explore sustainability within the art and design world.

A collaboration between 21 Norwegian designers and artists, the seven prototypes being presented have been developed with sustainability and environmental impact in mind.

Using its highly durable 100% natural stone, larvikite, Lundhs has joined forces with designers Kaja Solgaard Dahl, Tron Meyer and Martin Høgh Olsen to create three unique prototypes for the exhibition, all produced locally, in an attempt to find new ways of using natural stone.

Duft - by Kaja Solgaard Dahl

An exceptional and unusual combination of cast porcelain, naturally scented oils and polished Lundhs Blue and Lundhs Emerald larvikite, Duft is a series of aromatic sculptures created by Oslobased designer Kaja Solgaard Dahl. Infused with fragrances from the Norwegian landscape, the Duft sculptures give shape to sensory experiences and explore the various ways in which scents can be introduced into our surroundings.

Duft - by Kaja Dahl

Cyclop - by Tron Meyer

A series of furniture pieces, Cyclop uses a combination of anodised aluminium, Dinesen Douglas and Lundhs Royal larvikite materials to create three distinctive objects. Designed by Tron Meyer, the sandblasted finish of the larvikite evokes a truly natural aesthetic and offers a unique and stunning contrast to the other sustainable materials.

Cyclop - By Tron Meyer

Local - by Martin Høgh Olsen

Reflecting designer Martin Høgh Olsen’s interest in translating concepts of urbanism into smaller-scale products, Local is a series of tables presented in powder-coated and sandblasted aluminium with tops in Lundhs Blue larvikite, oiled walnut and natural oak.

With one side of the larvikite table top in a silk finish and the other a polished finish, the design offers a hint of playfulness and versatility, providing a variety of interchangeable options.

JOIN by Norwegian Presence exhibition takes places in Milan 9th-14th of April.

Photo: Trine Hisdal. Styling: KraakvikD’Orazio

Local - by Martin Høgh Olsen


As an ISO 14001 certified company, Lundhs’ products are fully traceable from quarry to final installation. The company’s focus on sustainability is reflected in how the operations are run and how resources are controlled for present and future generations. Having a sustainable focus means that the company continuously seeks to develop and improve on all areas of the business, respecting the environment, the people involved and the communities it operates in.

Written by Janne Magnussen

Last edited April 8, 2019