Lundhs unveils first accessories collection

Lundhs is delighted to announce the launch of a brand new limited edition accessories collection.


Created in collaboration with British and Norwegian design duo Jenkins & Uhnger, Essence is a series of tableware accessories for the home that uses Lundhs’ iconic Larvikite materials. The exclusive series is made up of three boards, two vases, three trays and a pestle and mortar using the exquisite Lundhs Emerald, Lundhs Royal and Lundhs Antique complemented by wood and brass detailing.

Characterised by graceful smooth curves, the exceptional series of limited edition pieces depicts the delicate and unique nature of each stone’s character. Catching the light in its elliptical shape, each product serves as both a statement design piece and practical kitchen accessory.

With Essence we wanted to create a delicate visual language that portrays the stones character. The surfaces and curves catch the light differently and show the layers and shifting colour through the stone.

Thomas Jenkins & Sverre Uhnger

You can purchase Essence at

Written by Janne Magnussen

Last edited February 8, 2019